Patrick Flynn giving one last speech before the last song of Have Heart's final show. They left the stage with “Watch Me Rise”.

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Good morning America lets be the best of pals #seattle


Leave me here.

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Today’s all about ’ MURICA , tattoos and seeing fucking WUTANG! #bestlife #fuckwithit #sleeplessinseattle



Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

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Code Orange - Thinners of the Herd 

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Suburban Scum - Drifter 

I thought that I meant something. Now Im left with nothing. Visions pass, memories. There’s a hole where my fucking heart used to be. I burned for you. Please don’t extend your hand. I cried for you. Promises never last. Distance makes the heart grow colder. Goodbye drifter, now were over. Now your bodies vacant? You swear you cant take it? The cancer has spread through both of us, now all I have is hatred. How the fuck am I supposed to breathe when you swore you’d never leave? Drifter. Love is dead. Dead…”

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1349 - Norwegian black metal.

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