'Cause I've seen more spine in jellyfish I've seen more guts in eleven year old kids 💕 (at still on a high from last night )

Made a sealion friend

These men have run my life for over a decade and I would have it no other way , this band is my everything 💕💀 #brandnew

I can’t believe it’s over :( can this just happen always #brandnew #seattle

This band is everything #brandnew #seattle

It was Brian’s birthday last night 💕 #brandnew #happybirthdaybrianlane

#joycemanor seriously was so good falling in love again happened and it was so perfect thanks to Matt Ebert for the vinyl nicest guys !

#broncho was lovely

I’ll spam tomorrow morning , my night was nothing short of perfect this weekend keeps getting better I’m the happiest girl I live the best life #brandnew #seattle #blessed

I am so damn happy to be in this place , I am so in love with it all I can’t wait to see what today brings me . Yesterday was filled with the ocean , markets , some of the best food i’ve ever had , Danny Brown , Wutang, a few lines for french pastries that Im putting serious thought into getting again, it smelt like Paris in the most perfect of ways. Let’s see what today brings, Brand New tonight … it’s finally the day.

alleyways covered in gum ‘cause why not ? Yesterday was an amazing start to this weekend , ocean , market, tattoos , adventures , and finishing the day with Danny brown and then Wutang seriously can’t wait to see what today brings me.

This happened tonight …. Wu fucking tang 💀 Brand New tomorrow this city is good to me 💕💕💕


Brand New
Oakland, CA

Spent some great time with @wolfantlers this afternoon thanks for the best kinda souvenir and making a leg a little more spooky 💕💕



fuji 200 film

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